Get Healthy.

Stay Healthy.

Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.


Step 1: Call Dr. Zollner when pain strikes.

Zollner Chiropractic provides a very scientific and analytical approach to adjusting the spine. The Zollner technique uses a blend of several gentle chiropractic techniques that do not utilize the cracking and popping that some find intimidating.

We emphasize the patient-centered aspect of chiropractic care. The treatment is coordinated to your goals no matter how short term or long term and ambitious they might be. We offer goal-oriented care with noninvasive treatment delivered in a convenient manner.


Step 2: Ask questions and discuss your symptoms.

Your History

On your first visit, we will sit down and talk. This is the time for you to tell me in detail everything that is going on concerning your problem. I want to develop a dialogue that will serve us throughout your care so we can communicate easily with each other. Part of what I do is understand what your personal goals are for treatment. Some patients just want to get out of pain for now. Some want to go back to playing tennis and want to be able to keep playing into their sixties and beyond. Understanding your goals will help me tailor a treatment plan for you to meet those goals.

The Exam

Based on what you have told me, I will begin an exam which will consist of performing orthopedic tests, neurological tests (if radiating pain is present), measuring range-of-motion to evaluate restrictions and perform palpation. Palpation means feeling the spine or extremities to determine specifically where the pain is and to get a sense of how the joints are restricted and misaligned.

If we decide to take X-rays, we have a room in the clinic where I will take the needed views right away.


Your history and exam will take about thirty minutes. Allow for a full hour if we decide to take X-rays.  At that point, I should have a good idea of what is going on.  I’ll explain everything I have found and give you a short term plan to get you out of pain and back to your activities.


Step 3: Start a treatment plan to meet your goals.

Each treatment will most likely take 5-10 minutes.


On your first visit, I’ll perform your initial treatment.

During the first treatment, and the rest, your feedback is welcomed. I want to know how each area feels as I work on it. I will go more lightly if need be. I also want to know how each area is progressing.  

My goal in treating a patient is to correct the misalignments of the painful areas, as well as correct the causes behind these problems. Many times the area of greatest pain is not the root cause.

For example, low back pain may originate from an unlevel pelvis that places stress in the area just above it. Or, if the lower neck is “stuck”, most of the movement and stress will occur in the upper neck (or vice versa). If the area of pain is all that is addressed, the problem is likely to return until the primary problem is fixed.

With my approach, I look at the spine in motion to find the areas of greatest fixation. By returning the entire spine to proper movement and placement, the body can be allowed to fully heal.


Step 4: Feel better than you ever thought you could!

Relieving your pain and allowing you to enjoy the activities you love is what I do every day.

Are there any activities you can’t do, or can only do with pain? Let me help you return to the active lifestyle you’ve enjoyed in the past without the pain.

At Zollner Chiropractic, our approach focuses on what is limiting you from living your life to the fullest. My method blends several chiropractic techniques, combining the benefits of each one to most fully address your issues and relieve your pain.

As my chiropractic approach relieves your aches and pains, your greater freedom of movement may help you to enjoy life as you did when you were younger. Many of the limitations we attribute to getting older can be helped with chiropractic care. If you have not yet experienced the benefits of chiropractic, let me show you that you don’t need to suffer needlessly any more.

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