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Dr. Zollner is a San Rafael Chiropractor who provides a gentle, scientific and effective approach to chiropractic care.

As a well trained chiropractor with 20+ years experience, Dr. Zollner will help you get out of pain and return to enjoying your life with greater ease.

Dr. Zollner has integrated multiple chiropractic modalities with modern technology to deliver effective treatment to his clients. For our Spanish only speakers, Dr. Zollner is fluent in Spanish.

You are in capable hands with Dr. Zollner. He is dedicated to helping you reach your own personal health and functional goals with his gentle approach to chiropractic care.

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You Gave Me My Life Back

30 Years of Low Back Pain Gone

Best Chiropractic Experience Ever

Did You Know?

90% of people are reluctant to seek chiropractic care because they don't want to be cracked.

Dr. Zollner uses advanced technology to virtually eliminate the need for cracking and he creates a customized chiropractic care plan based upon your needs to restore you to health. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to your health; so there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution to your chiropractic care. Dr. Zollner listens to you and develops a chiropractic care plan designed just for you. His clients report results and improved functional health.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment in San Rafael

Praise From Happy Patients

"The first visit with Dr. Zollner I noticed immediate results. I have suffered with chronic neck and low back pain for 10 years or more. I originally came in for a work related injury and I got immediate relief for that symptom. My overall experience has been positive and it’s wonderful to finally be free of those issues."

-Leon D.

“I was a non-believer until my girlfriend saw Dr. Z – and the change she experienced was amazing. I finally gave in myself and have been delighted with the results! Dr. Z has helped ease years of pain.”

-Hugh C.

“I have had foot pain for years and tried going to MD’s and podiatrists with minimal results. I was referred to Dr. Zollner and was immediately impressed with his concern not only for my recovery, but also for my budgetary constraints. After just a few weeks, I cannot believe the difference! I am able to hike again and am so happy that I have finally found relief from the constant discomfort in my feet. I just received the orthotics Dr. Zollner recommended and they seem to be helping even more!! Thank you Dr. Zollner – I can’t believe the change in the quality of my life!!”

-Kathy K.

“After many years of agony, Dr. Zollner brought relief. He also brought an understanding of my symptoms and causes. His techniques and ‘bedside manner’ are outstanding.”

-Kritsty T.

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How Chronic Pain Impacts a Person’s Life

In my chiropractic practice I treat patients who are suffering from acute pain as well as those who have had chronic discomfort for years. I must say, I am impressed by the human spirit. Many of these patients with chronic issues have persevered with their lives despite their issues. And … Read more…

6 Ways to Identify Sciatic Nerve Pain

1) Tingling, numbness, pins and needles accompanying leg discomfort tends to be indicative of nerve involvement. Experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms makes it more likely to be sciatica. 2)  Sciatic nerve pain tends to radiate down the back of the leg or deep within the leg. Intense shooting  sensations along the … Read more…

Top 2 Reasons People Don’t Go To Chiropractors

I was working on a patient yesterday. She is in her 70s. As I was lightly stretching her neck, she told me that many of her friends her age are continually complaining about their aches and pains but she can’t get them to come in and see me. This despite … Read more…

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Victims

Have You Been in an Auto Accident?

Auto accidents are the most common type of personal injury cases. Studies show that auto accident victims who get chiropractic care soon after their injury have less chronic pain years later than those who delay treatment or especially those who receive no treatment at all. Are you a Marin County resident seeking the assistance of an auto accident chiropractor?

Chiropractic & Exercise

Studies show that exercise in the third most effective modality for treatment of low back discomfort. Chiropractic is the second most effective. The most effective intervention is chiropractic care combined with exercise.

Chiropractic & Exercise

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