My personal chiropractic story begins some 26 years ago with a small incident that ends up having much bigger effects later on. I was introduced to chiropractic as a result of breaking the cardinal rule, “lift with your knees not with your back”. I was working out at the gym and lifted a weight improperly. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my low back and knew something was wrong. But I figured it would eventually get better on its own. It did. It took a few weeks and the pain eventually went away. Then I did some small thing and it flared up again. With time, it felt better again. Then it got worse again. Then better. Finally, a full year after my injury, the pain had flared up again to the point that it felt like a bomb had gone off in my low back. That was when a friend suggested I should go see her chiropractor. “What the heck”, I thought. It certainly hadn’t gotten better on its own in a year.

So in all my pain went away and I decided become a chiropractor, right? Not exactly. Although the chiropractic treatment I received helped significantly, I still had quite a bit of pain. Nevertheless I was excited to discover a method of natural healing. A method of healing that worked with the body to allow it to heal instead of covering up the symptoms with drugs. I left behind my career as a geologist and enrolled in chiropractic school.

Sitting in chiropractic school in the classroom for hours, day after day, ended up flaring my low back again. Fortunately, during the course of my four year education I was introduced to numerous different chiropractic techniques including the ones that pretty much fixed my low back.      

Now after 21 years in practice I have still not stopped learning. I have honed these techniques and added others into a unique approach to adjusting the spine. I wish to help as many people as possible experience healing through chiropractic in a comfortable nurturing environment so that they can return to being active in their lives and express their health and potential more fully.

I am also fluent in Spanish.

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