Chiropractic and Kids

For some reason, I have been seeing a lot of kids lately. Two things always strike me about working with kids, 1) even though their resilient young bodies often don’t feel it, they have a lot going on in terms of spinal misalignments/fixations and 2) they respond really well to treatment.

Perhaps it’s not surprising to examine a child and see the issues that can result from childhood falls, accidents and, later in childhood, backpacks. Sometimes when adults come to see me with pain, they wonder when their issues first began. I tell them that they are usually an accumulation of a lifetime of wear and tear. This starts in childhood. Fortunately or unfortunately, bad joint mechanics often don’t start to result in pain until years or perhaps decades later. By this time degenerative changes may have begun to occur in the joints. And, of course, treating things takes longer the more time a condition has been present.

For this reason, I recommend all parents bring their kids into get checked. The nice thing is that usually a mere handful of adjustments is enough to correct any spinal issues they may have had up to that point. For those kids that are complaining about pain, they almost always respond very quickly. This is truly case of “a stitch in time saves nine”.