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Top 6 Ways to Distinguish Sciatic Nerve Pain from other Types of Leg Pain

1)  Tingling, numbness, pins and needles accompanying leg pain tends to be indicative of nerve involvement. Experiencing the symptoms along with your leg pain makes it more likely to be sciatica. 2)  Sciatic nerve pain tends to radiate down the back of the leg or deep within the leg. Pain along the side of the … Read more

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What's the Difference Between an Osteopath vs a Chiropractor?

In a sense, osteopaths were here first. While both professions, osteopathy and chiropractic, arose in the late 19th century, it was in 1874 that Andrew Taylor Still developed the science of osteopathy. It wasn’t until 1895 that DD Palmer made the first chiropractic adjustment and developed the science of chiropractic. While the philosophies of the … Read more

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The Posture of the 21st Century Results in Upper Back Pain

You can blame modern society for the large number of upper back pain complaints that people are experiencing. Our heads are designed to be balanced over our shoulders, looking out at the horizon, perhaps scanning for food or enemies or predators. Instead, we spend much of our day with our heads forward and down. We … Read more

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Chiropractic Relief to Headache Pain

I recently had a patient come to me complaining of constant headache pain since an auto accident she had a few weeks back. I have also seen many patients suffering from chronic headache pain due to auto accidents they have experienced many years before. Indeed, the force that is transmitted to the head and neck, … Read more

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The Amazing Complexity of The Human Spine

Although I adjust all the joints of the body (a benefit from my sports chiropractic background), I do spend the majority of my time working on patient’s spines. To a large extent, this is because most of the complaints come from this area. Like most chiropractors, headaches, neck pain, thoracic pain, low back pain are … Read more

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Back Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment

Not surprisingly, many patients come to me complaining of back pain. It then becomes my job to investigate the origin of the back pain. First of all, the term back pain can refer to pretty much any area from just below the neck down to the pelvic region. Along the length of the spine various … Read more

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Symptoms & Treatment of a Pinched Nerve

I have learned to trust my patients. Very often when I first meet with a new patient I find that if I listen long enough, the patient will tell me exactly what is happening to them. Basically, they will diagnose themselves. This is not to say that I don’t perform my initial exam, perform orthopedic … Read more

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The Essence of Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Despite having been in existence for over 100 years, a surprising number of people don’t really understand the basic principles of chiropractic care and treatment. To a certain extent, the fault lies in the inability of the field of chiropractic to fully present a coherent picture of what it does. The field of chiropractic has … Read more

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Modern Life Can Be a Real Pain in The Neck

So many things in life have unintended consequences. Although marvels of human innovation, automobiles that speed us from place to place and our computers and cell phones that connect us all together do have downsides. One of those downsides is neck pain. In the case of automobiles the cause of the downside is clear. A … Read more

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How Do I Know If I Have a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is best seen on an MRI. While X-rays will show the position and alignment of the bones in the spine, it takes an MRI to visualize the soft tissue. This includes the tendons, ligaments, muscles and discs. The discs are the shock absorbers that lie in between the individual vertebrae that comprise … Read more

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What Exactly Is Sciatica?

When patients come to see me with sciatica, they often don’t know what is happening. This uncertainty can add to their stress level. All they know is that they have pain running down one or both of their legs. Sometimes simply explaining to the patient what is causing their pain and reassuring them that, yes, … Read more

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Why I Decided to Practice as a Chiropractor in San Rafael

As I look back on the 18 years I have been in practice, I feel a warm satisfaction at the sheer number of people I’ve been able to help. I often think of how many people might still suffer from pain and limitations if they had not been able to see me. Hopefully, many would … Read more

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