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Lessons from Waiting Tables

I waited tables throughout chiropractic school.  It actually made for a good break from the studying and sitting in class all day.  It was nice to get up and move around. One day, I had a table with a rather rambunctious kid. His nickname was, appropriately enough, Turbo. Little Turbo couldn’t sit still. He kept … Read more

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Where Did all these Aches and Pains Come From?

I was once explaining to a patient that much of her low back pain resulted from the fact that her pelvis was twisted and therefore not level. As a result, this put stress on the pelvis itself and on the entire spinal structure above the unlevel pelvis. She asked me how this could have happened. … Read more

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“I Forgot How Good I Used to Feel.”

I see quite a few patients who have been in car accidents. One patient in particular came in with very significant pain after getting hit by a car while in a crosswalk. I remember she was barely able to turn her head in either direction and not been able to work since her injury. Fortunately, … Read more

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I Tried Chiropractic . . . Once

I always ask a new patient if they have previously seen a chiropractor. If the patient has never seen a chiropractor, I make it a point to explain the process in a bit more detail as we go along. If they have seen a chiropractor, I’m interested in how their experience went. Usually it was … Read more

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I have lately had a spate of new patients coming in due to auto accidents. Almost to a person, they were at a complete stop in traffic or at an intersection when they were rear-ended. Although I’ve worked on patients who have been injured in auto accidents for my entire 16 years of practice, it … Read more

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Shake that Booty

Studies are coming out now indicating that prolonged sitting has negative consequences for long-term health. While exercise is beneficial, even those who exercise but sit for long periods each day will still suffer negative consequences from being sedentary. Unfortunately, those of us who work at a computer have little recourse. What to do? Breaking up … Read more

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Low Back Pain

When a patient comes in complaining of low back pain, I’ll start the exam by identifying exactly where it hurts. This entails my pressing on the spine to find the “ground zero” of the pain. Since the lowest lumbar vertebra of the spine is the most common area of pain I’ll begin there. As soon … Read more

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Homemade Coconut Milk Kefir

I recently ran into a patient of mine at the grocery store. As she glanced into my basket, she asked why I was purchasing 10 cans of coconut milk and nothing else. I explained to her that I was using them to make homemade kefir. Since I avoid dairy, I use coconut milk instead. I … Read more

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"If only I Knew then What I Know Now"

When I work on a patient, I always try to explain what is going on with the underlying mechanics that we are trying to correct. The goal, of course, is to get the patient out of pain and back to their desired activities as soon as possible.  But understanding the faulty mechanics is essential in … Read more

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Probiotics for Bad Breath

I can always tell when an idea or therapy coming from alternative medicine begins to hit the mainstream. It is when I start to see advertisements for it on TV. I recently saw an ad showing an attractive young woman walking happily down the street. Apparently, she was happy because she was taking probiotics. The … Read more

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Knee Arthritis and Vitamin K

Last week I blogged about the benefits of Vitamin K2. I just ran across a recent study in the American Journal of Medicine (March, 2013) finding that lower levels of Vitamin K in the body are linked to an increased risk of knee osteoarthritis. The form examined in the study was Vitamin K1. To me, … Read more

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Vitamin K2, the Overlooked Vitamin

Fortunately, vitamin K2 can play an active role in how the body utilizes calcium in a healthy way. In a nutshell, vitamin K2 helps the body put calcium where it should be (in the bones) and away from where it should not be (the joints and the blood vessels). For this reason, vitamin K2 appears … Read more

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