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Chiropractic and Knee Pain

Ask any athlete or weekend warrior how they are doing and, after some pleasantries, they may start to tell you about their knee pain. Although the knee is subject to many injuries and problems, many if not most of them have one underlying cause: misalignment of the involved joints. These may include not only the … Read more

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Chiropractic and Kids

For some reason, I have been seeing a lot of kids lately. Two things always strike me about working with kids, 1) even though their resilient young bodies often don’t feel it, they have a lot going on in terms of spinal misalignments/fixations and 2) they respond really well to treatment. Perhaps it’s not surprising … Read more

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Getting Enough Vitamin D

As my patients know, an integral part of good health is optimizing one’s vitamin D levels. Actually, it is not a vitamin but technically a hormone. It has far more reaching effects on the body then a mere vitamin. Ideal levels in the blood are associated with lower cancer rates, decreased inflammation and better overall … Read more

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Top 2 Reasons People Don’t Go To Chiropractors

I was working on a patient yesterday. She is in her 70s. As I was lightly stretching her neck, she told me that many of her friends her age are continually complaining about their aches and pains but she can’t get them to come in and see me. This despite the fact that coming in … Read more

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Nourish your Joints

Grandma was right, yet again. Back in the day it was common to let soup bones simmer over several hours to add flavoring to a soup or to simply create a broth for later use. It turns out bones are great source of nutrients for the joints and the skin. I’ve been experimenting with making … Read more

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Workers Compensation Case

I recently got a chance to see a patient who had been injured at work a few years prior. Her symptoms included neck pain, right shoulder pain and right arm pain. She had gone through treatment via the workers compensation system. This included, among other things, 6 weeks of physical therapy with little benefit. To … Read more

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The Perfect Spine

It may be as elusive as the Loch Ness monster or Bigfoot.  But I saw it. When I first started in practice 15 years ago, I used to do spinal screenings at the local GNC store. I would happily check the spines of interested customers and give them a consultation about what I found. Usually … Read more

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Lybba is a nonprofit group dedicated to using principles of design to improve our current healthcare system in the present and the future. They are currently seeking diverse opinions by soliciting votes on the best way to improve the health of Los Angeles between now and 2050. The voting will be open until Wednesday, April 17 … Read more

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Rib Pain, the Hidden Culprit

A close friend rushes to the emergency room complaining of severe chest pain which turns out to be related to the joints in his chest, not his heart. A woman suffers from excruciating pain in her shoulder which runs down her left arm that no one can diagnose or help. Another woman suffers for years … Read more

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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

I recently worked on a patient who had been seeing me regularly for low back pain. Part of her issue was that her pelvis was extremely fixated. As result, this put more stress on her lumbar spine. Restoring proper motion to her pelvis was an integral part of helping to correct her low back.  When … Read more

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Fish Oil

In addition to getting patients out of pain quickly, I always want to address some of the underlying health concerns that might be causing their pain. For this reason, I recommend my patients take fish oil regularly. Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation in the body. Excessive inflammation … Read more

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Kids Nowadays, Poor Posture!

I’m convinced that every generation looks at the next upcoming generation with a sense of fear and despair. And yet, the next generation always seems to pull through. Nevertheless, I’ve been noticing for some time now how kids nowadays seem to be slouching more than ever. I attribute this to smart phones and computers. Kids … Read more

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