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The Buddhist Way

I recently worked on a new patient who had suffered a concussion.  I had 3 visits in which to get her better before she had to return to another country.  As always, I did my utmost so that her body could heal itself as best as it could.  One thing worked in our favor, she … Read more

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It happened again.  On my recommendation, a patient brought in her supplements for me to look at and give my opinion as to their quality and to determine if they are the right ones and amounts for her.  I was glad to see she was taking fish oil.  This is one of the top 3 … Read more

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Chiropractic Miracles

I enjoy working on my patients to get them out of pain and back to the activities that they were previously unable to do.  And yet, it’s those miracle cases that are particularly satisfying. I recently had a patient whose mother brought her in so that I could work on her ankles. She is currently … Read more

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Eat as Much as You Want and Lose Weight

We were having dinner with some friends recently.  One of them complained that she was having trouble losing weight.  She said this as she scooped a large amount of white rice onto her plate.  While this is not surprising, we were eating Burmese food, it perfectly underscored the issue at hand for most people in … Read more

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High Functioning People

I have always been fascinated by those who seem to function at a higher level than the average person. They lead more interesting lives. They get more things done. They seem more present and aware.  I do think a person’s state of health has quite a bit to do with this. Being a chiropractor has … Read more

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My Walk of Temptation

Things started innocently enough when I went for a walk one evening.  It was just before dinner so I was definitely hungry. For the past year, I have changed my diet to eliminate carbs in the form of grains (breads, pastas, etc.) and most definitely simple sugars, not only candy but hidden sources of sugars … Read more

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Dr. Zollner gets Sciatica

For the first time in my life I experienced sciatica. I must say it came as a surprise for me to feel that intense pain shooting down my right leg. It began all of a sudden after a day of working on patients. This is not to say I have not had low back problems in … Read more

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I have been sleeping so much better lately. It all began about a month ago when it was time to replace our old bedroom curtains. All this time I had been following the advice I give to my patients regarding getting plenty of high quality sleep. To this end, we had long since eliminated any … Read more

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I find that I’m sometimes more impatient than my own patients for their complaints to get better. Just the other day I was working on a patient who had developed sciatica (pain from the low back running down one or both legs). Any time a condition involves radiating pain, whether it’s down the legs or down … Read more

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Just a few weeks ago, I had one of those patient encounters that literally brought tears to my eyes. I had been working on an eight-year-old child. Her parents brought her in because she had been suffering from pain in her back for several years. X-rays performed by a medical doctor a few years back … Read more

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Staying Young

I turned 49 just a couple months back. I know I won’t get much sympathy from a lot of my patients who are older than that. But I must confess it hit me harder than I thought it would.  If you have a mathematical tendency like I do, you look at 49 as essentially 50. I can … Read more

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Ideal Exercise

Many times a patient will ask me what I did over the weekend. I’m often a bit hard put to come up with anything concrete beyond the fact that I did errands or some reading. But one of the things I usually do, as part of my continuing efforts to educate myself and my patients, … Read more

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