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I was hiking a trail in Yosemite during Thanksgiving this year.  As I walked along relishing the fresh air and the beauty around me, I soon became aware that navigating a rough trail is very different than walking on flat concrete.  It’s more work.  I realized that I had to use different muscles and expand more … Read more

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My favorite part of being a chiropractor is working with patients – helping them get better and seeing the changes in their lives.  My least favorite is writing reports and doing the paperwork that seems to come with any sort of modern healthcare practice. I recently started using a voice dictation software, called Dragon Naturally … Read more

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I’m lucky enough to live near a wooded area that has some old fruit trees growing wild.  I recently lumbered through the brush and spent an hour or so picking what I could reach.  That brought me back to being a kid when I loved climbing trees.  As I twisted around grasping for that, always just … Read more

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Chiropractic and Human Potential

I met a guy in chiropractic school who had been a Navy Seal for years prior to entering school.  As a member of the military special forces, his training had been extremely rigorous – far more than typical military training.  Even among the Special Forces branches, Seals standout as being some tough guys who are … Read more

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Auto Accidents and Chiropractic

In the ideal world, more patients would come to the clinic to get their spine checked in order to prevent problems. Much like people see dentists preventatively. They don’t wait until their teeth hurt. The reality is that we live hectic lives and when a new patient comes to the clinic, it is usually because … Read more

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Chiropractic Empathy

I was in San Francisco a few weeks back and, on a whim, I decided to walk up the Lyon Street steps.  These are a beautiful set of steps at the end of Lyon Street in the Marina that ascend rather steeply while passing beautiful gardens and large expensive houses.  They’re actually a favorite exercise … Read more

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What is the Flexion-Distraction Table?

Disc injuries often respond quite well to Flexion-Distraction Traction. This is a form of traction to gently decompress the disc in order to help heal disc injuries without requiring surgery. The discs, which are the shock absorbers between the vertebrae, are often involved in low back pain. If an injured disc presses on a nerve, … Read more

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Lessons from Waiting Tables

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Reducing Inflammation, The 10 Best Foods?

I was recently asked what are the top 10 best foods to reduce inflammation in the body. That is a good question and a bad question at the same time. Good question because it recognizes the value of addressing the increased inflammation that stems from our modern diet. Bad question because it takes the “magic … Read more

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