Patient Centered Chiropractic Care Delivers Fast Pain Relief

The other day I had a new patient express appreciation about how quickly he was able to get into the clinic. Basically, he called the clinic. We were able to get him in later that day. I did an initial exam and first adjustment. He got up off the table and was feeling better right away.

Apparently, he had been struggling with issues of chronic pain for some time. As he worked his way through the medical system, he had always been frustrated by how long everything took. Certainly his MRI and x-ray imaging studies took time to set up. But even his doctor appointments tended to be weeks down the line. All the while he suffered from pain.

I am glad I was able to provide a refreshing experience for him both in terms of convenience of care as well as efficacy of treatment. This is the nature of patient centered care. I am always trying to gear my services based on what is best for the patient and, as much as possible, most convenient.

I always emphasize that I have nothing against conventional medical care. Many of us are alive today because of our medical system. The problem is that medical care in this country is primarily crisis care. It is geared toward curing acute disease. It tends not to do well with chronic long-term diseases or chronic pain. On top of that various factors have shaped our medical system into, by necessity, becoming an overly complex bureaucracy. Fortunately, movement is underway to change that.

Meanwhile, in my standalone clinic, I am able to make all my systems subservient to the patient rather than the other way around. As a result, I find out a new patient’s goals of care during the initial evaluation. Work together with the patient to achieve those goals. Make the process is streamlined as possible given what is doubtless their busy lifestyle. Release the patient from care or into a wellness program (depending on their preference) as quickly as the body will allow.