Synergy Technique Chiropractic System

Many times my patients will ask me if I know someone in another area that does my type of chiropractic. They may want to refer a friend or family member to a chiropractor like me. Perhaps they themselves may be moving to another part of the country. I hate to disappoint them, but I have to tell them that no other chiropractor does exactly what I do. Fortunately, in many cases, I can ask them if there is a specific part of my technique that they are looking for. If it is a relative with a foot problem, for example, I can refer them to a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP). If they are moving somewhere else and don’t want a chiropractor that does any “cracking”, I can find someone that uses an instrument similar to mine for adjusting.

Over the course of my 19 years in practice, I have blended numerous chiropractic techniques into one consolidated approach that I now call the Synergy Technique. I’ve tried to take the best parts of each technique, find the common denominators, and combine the different aspects into one system of analysis and treatment.

I have incorporated aspects of the following techniques: Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson Drop Table, Activator, Upper Cervical Toggle Recoil, Pierce-Stillwagon, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Manual Motion Therapy and Proadjuster/Ultralign. I also use the teachings of the CCEP extremity adjusting program to address all the joints of the body other than the spine. I then perform most of the adjustments with the Proadjuster/Ultralign instrument.

The Synergy Technique is a system that allows me to perform very gentle chiropractic adjustments with a maximum of benefit for as many people as possible. As I practice, I find ways to continually modify and improve the technique. Basically, it is an ever evolving system. I will not be retiring anytime soon so I will continue to improve the Synergy Technique. In the future, I hope to teach other chiropractors who can then implement this technique in their practices as well.