The Essence of Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Despite having been in existence for over 100 years, a surprising number of people don’t really understand the basic principles of chiropractic care and treatment. To a certain extent, the fault lies in the inability of the field of chiropractic to fully present a coherent picture of what it does. The field of chiropractic has over 200 different recognized techniques. Each of these techniques entails a different approach to correcting the spine and body. And yet, all these techniques do share certain similarities that comprise the essence of chiropractic.

If I may attempt to do so, I believe that chiropractic can be summarized very succinctly. As chiropractors, we are primarily focused on restoring proper motion and alignment to the spinal vertebrae and secondarily to the other joints of the body as well. By restoring proper motion and alignment to these joints, we eliminate pain within the joints, forestall degenerative changes of those joints and remove nerve interference in those nerves that exit the vertebral joints. Since nerve interference can have serious whole body repercussions, by eliminating that interference we are helping the body as a whole.

From this understanding, we can then focus on the best way to accomplish our goal of restoring proper motion and alignment to the joints. As an individual practitioner, this is exactly what I have attempted to do during my 18 years of chiropractic practice. Thus far, I have not encountered any device or instrument better suited for this than the Ultralign instrument. I use this to very specifically and gently mobilize and realign the joints of the body. And yet, a tool is only as good as its practitioner. To this end, I’m continually practicing and innovating different ways of utilizing the instrument for maximum benefit to my patients.

I invite you to check out the video on the About Dr. Zollner page of this site to learn more about my approach.