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6 Delicious Foods that Will Reduce your Pain

We tend to equate healthy diet with deprivation. This is not always the case. Imagine being able to reduce your pain as a direct result of eating delicious foods that you thought were forbidden. When patients come to see me in pain, they sometimes have trouble imagining being out of … Read more

Keep Moving and Stay Active for Better Health

This year we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in Yosemite. As I walked along the beautiful trails, I was struck by how different it is compared to walking on pavement. Walking on uneven ground entails using different types of muscles that go unused on completely flat ground. Add to … Read more

Homemade Coconut Milk Kefir

I recently ran into a patient of mine at the grocery store. As she glanced into my basket, she asked why I was purchasing 10 cans of coconut milk and nothing else. I explained to her that I was using them to make homemade kefir. Since I avoid dairy, I … Read more

Probiotics for Bad Breath

I can always tell when an idea or therapy coming from alternative medicine begins to hit the mainstream. It is when I start to see advertisements for it on TV. I recently saw an ad showing an attractive young woman walking happily down the street. Apparently, she was happy because … Read more

Knee Arthritis & Vitamin K

Last week I blogged about the benefits of Vitamin K2. I just ran across a recent study in the American Journal of Medicine (March, 2013) finding that lower levels of Vitamin K in the body are linked to an increased risk of knee osteoarthritis. The form examined in the study … Read more

Vitamin K2, the Overlooked Vitamin

Fortunately, vitamin K2 can play an active role in how the body utilizes calcium in a healthy way. In a nutshell, vitamin K2 helps the body put calcium where it should be (in the bones) and away from where it should not be (the joints and the blood vessels). For … Read more

Getting Enough Vitamin D

As my patients know, an integral part of good health is optimizing one’s vitamin D levels. Actually, it is not a vitamin but technically a hormone. It has far more reaching effects on the body then a mere vitamin. Ideal levels in the blood are associated with lower cancer rates, … Read more

Nourish your Joints

Grandma was right, yet again. Back in the day it was common to let soup bones simmer over several hours to add flavoring to a soup or to simply create a broth for later use. It turns out bones are great source of nutrients for the joints and the skin. … Read more

Fish Oil

In addition to getting patients out of pain quickly, I always want to address some of the underlying health concerns that might be causing their pain. For this reason, I recommend my patients take fish oil regularly. Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces inflammation … Read more

Reducing Inflammation, The 10 Best Foods?

I was recently asked what are the top 10 best foods to reduce inflammation in the body. That is a good question and a bad question at the same time. Good question because it recognizes the value of addressing the increased inflammation that stems from our modern diet. Bad question … Read more