Most people experiencing ankle pain seem to attribute it to a sprain that never healed properly. Although often dismissed as “just a sprain”, an ankle sprain can have long-term negative effects, not only on the joint itself but on the mechanics of the rest of the body. Decreased motion often remains in the ankle after a sprain has healed. Although subtle, this decreased motion, especially during walking, can affect the gait cycle and all the joints above it. In addition, the improper joint mechanics create more stresses onto the ankle joint resulting in pain.

After a sprain, the ligaments supporting the ankle can also be weakened which will predispose the ankle to further injuries. This can result in a vicious cycle of further injury and damage to the supporting ligaments.

At Zollner Chiropractic we bring in ankle pain treatment restoring normal joint mechanics and motion through chiropractic adjustments can bring tremendous relief to chronic pain and allow the ligaments to more fully heal. The relief can be immediate, while the length of the treatment can vary from one person to another person.

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