Elbow pain very commonly arises from various types of repetitive stress, often from sports. Depending on the types of stress, pain can present on the outer side of the elbow (Tennis Elbow) or the inner side of the elbow (Golfers Elbow). In both cases, the tendons and muscle attachments on that side and the joint itself have become inflamed.

Treatment consists of performing chiropractic adjustments on the elbow joint to better align the joint. Also, soft tissue work to break up fibrous adhesions that have formed within the muscles is in order. Finally, home stretches and exercises are essential for full recovery.

Increased computer use has resulted in a greater number of people suffering from pain in the elbows and forearms.  For this type of repetitive stress, some simple changes to the work station to remove stress from the joints can significantly help speed the healing of the overall condition and help prevent it from reoccurring.

The CCEP (certified chiropractic extremity practitioner) accreditation is an area of study within chiropractic that specializes in the elbow joint and other extremities of the body.

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