Each foot is comprised of 26 bones. This is the same number as in the entire spine! All these individual bones are designed to move and articulate with each other in a certain way.

Foot pain can take various forms: plantar fasciitis, neuromas, bunions, metatarsalgia. Women tend to have more foot pain issues than men, due to constricting footwear. One of the common causes underlying many foot conditions is a loss of one or more of the three normal arches of the foot.

Many times relief can be achieved simply through chiropractic adjustments of the bones that comprise the foot. In some cases, orthotic arch supports are in order to help maintain the foot and prevent further injury. I can recommend over-the-counter orthotics or provide custom-made orthotics that is suited to each patient’s individual foot. In our office in San Rafael, CA, the 3D BodyView foot scanner by Foot Levelers provides a computerized scan of the arches of a patient's feet. With this scan, we can determine the need for custom orthotic arch supports.

Zollner Chiropractic holds CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner) accreditation is an area of study within chiropractic that specializes in foot pain treatment and other extremities of the body.

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