As the prevalence of hip replacement procedures does indicate, many people suffer from hip degeneration and pain. At the same time, a joint that is healthy with normal joint mechanics shouldn’t degenerate. However, injuries do occur and then poor joint mechanics cause the joint to wear out prematurely.

Through chiropractic adjustments, we can improve motion to the joint and provide better alignment. In the case of new injuries, this can provide quick relief. In the case of chronic hip pain with severe degeneration, proper treatment can still bring tremendous relief and delay or completely avoid the need for hip replacement.

The hip joint is part of an entire kinetic chain of joints along the entire leg. Fully addressing hip issues entails checking and correcting the movement and alignment of the knees, ankles and feet. Even if those joints aren’t hurting, any aberrant motion in those areas can affect the hips.

The CCEP (certified chiropractic extremity practitioner) accreditation is an area of study within chiropractic that specializes in the hip joint and other extremities of the body.

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