The knee joint is subject to tremendous forces as a result of sports and daily activities. In a surprising number of cases, tremendous relief can be achieved simply by correcting misalignments of the knee joint. At the same time, a thorough exam is needed to identify issues that might be occurring with the ligaments that support the knee and with the muscles that give it strength. Many times the issue is not in the joint itself, but with the muscles that control that joint. For these cases, soft tissue work and home exercises are necessary to address the pain and dysfunction so as to achieve complete recovery.

The knee is also very influenced by the mechanics of the joints above and below it. If an ankle is not moving properly due to a previous sprain, that can put subtle stresses on the knee with each step. The accumulating stress begins to be felt in the knee. Similarly an unlevel pelvis, will affect the tracking of the knee. Therefore, it is important to look at the entire kinetic chain of joints in order to fully address knee pain.

The CCEP (certified chiropractic extremity practitioner) accreditation is an area of study within chiropractic that specializes in the knee joint and other extremities of the body.

Stairs and Elliptical with no Knee pain

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