Our modern lifestyle of prolonged sitting combined with generally weak core muscles predisposes many to suffer from low back pain. Fortunately, low back pain responds quite well to chiropractic treatment. The key is to address the biomechanics of the low back in such a way as to bring fast recovery and healing. Additionally, addressing the root causes of the low back pain such as weak core muscles, unlevel pelvis will help prevent the condition from recurring.

Studies show that the 3rd best lower back pain treatment is exercise, the 2nd best is chiropractic. The best treatment for low back pain is chiropractic combined with exercise.

At Zollner Chiropractic, we will utilize chiropractic care to treat lower back pain. Once the symptoms begin to improve, you will be given some simple exercises you can perform at home to help stabilize the area.

The goal is to get you out of pain and help you become more resilient so that the pain does not return with your daily activities.

30 Years of Low Back Pain Gone

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