Whether stemming from an auto accident or the result of years of being hunched over a computer, neck pain is one of the issues that people most frequently go to chiropractor to find relief. If the neck pain is particularly severe, it may be associated with pain or tingling down the arms indicating that the nerves coming from the neck and going to the arms are being pinched.

Sometimes people are intimidated by having the neck treated by a chiropractor. The idea of having their neck joints “cracked” can be unsettling. While traditional chiropractic is extremely safe, at Zollner Chiropractic we adjust the bones of the neck in a manner that does not entail any of the traditional “cracking”. And yet, the idea is the same. By restoring normal motion and alignment to the joints of the neck, years of pain can be relieved and normal movement restored.

After working on one patient who came in for neck pain, he commented that he had turned his head to back up his car and saw something he had never seen before. I asked him what that was. He responded that it was his shoulder!

Chronic Neck Pain for Years

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