"The first visit with Dr. Zollner I noticed immediate results. I have suffered with chronic neck and low back pain for 10 years or more. I originally came in for a work related injury and I got immediate relief for that symptom. My overall experience has been positive and it’s wonderful to finally be free of those issues."

-Leon D.

“After many years of agony, Dr. Zollner brought relief. He also brought an understanding of my symptoms and causes. His techniques and ‘bedside manner’ are outstanding.”

-Kristy T.

“I have had foot pain for years and tried going to MD’s and podiatrists with minimal results. I was referred to Dr. Zollner and was immediately impressed with his concern not only for my recovery, but also for my budgetary constraints. After just a few weeks, I cannot believe the difference! I am able to hike again and am so happy that I have finally found relief from the constant discomfort in my feet. I just received the orthotics Dr. Zollner recommended and they seem to be helping even more!! Thank you Dr. Zollner – I can’t believe the change in the quality of my life!!”

-Kathy K.

“I was not getting healed from my third neck injury. Additionally, I have scoliosis. After sessions with Dr. Zollner, not only was my neck healed, but I could touch my toes for the first time since childhood. What a delight!”

-Patricia S.

“I was a non-believer until my girlfriend saw Dr. Z – and the change she experienced was amazing. I finally gave in myself and have been delighted with the results! Dr. Z has helped ease years of pain.”

-Hugh C.

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